What better way to harness the power of the planet than with wind turbines in North Dakota? Capture the energy that the elements create at no cost, and supply your home or business with an infinite way to keep the lights on. With out-of-date energy sources on the decline, more and more people are turning to wind power systems to provide the electricity needed in our modern world.

Channeling the Power

Wind turbines use a simple process to turn the movement of air into viable energy we can use. The turbine's blades catch the wind and as they turn the giant fan, the energy is converted to power by a generator. For a turbine to successfully generate power, it must be in a location where the wind is reasonably consistent. Fortunately, across North Dakota, several locations are ideal for the installation of wind power systems.

  • Fed tax credit of 30% available (expires January 1, 2030).
  • Farm and businesses in rural area may qualify for USDA REAP Grant up to (40%).
  • MACRS business bonus depreciationfor up to 25% reduction
  • ROI of 4-8 years possible with all incentives.
  • Additional ND Property tax benefits

The Power To make a Change

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor of wind energy. Talk to the Wind & Solar World experts about including this renewable, limitless resource in your power grid structure. We’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and upgrade the way you feel about your environmental impact.